High Level Panel Speakers, WSIS Forum 2015

Nick Ashton-Hart spoke at the WSIS Forum 2015 in Geneva in May 2015. Video of his speech can be seen at here.

IDEA Joins UK Delegation to ITU's 14th Plenipotentiary, Busan Korea
Nick speaking during the WSIS+10 High Level Segment

You can watch the speech here. © ITU/R.Farrell

Palais des Nations, Geneva

More than 50% of the international community's Internet policy meetings take place in Geneva - most of them in this building.

IDEA represented at the WSIS+10 High Level Event

Sitting next to IDEA is Nigel Hickson and Tarek Kamel of ICANN. More details on IDEA at the event can be found here, including video of Nick's speech to the ministerial segment. (c)ITU

Tech Lunch with TISA Ambassadors

Fadi Chehade, ICANN CEO, speaks to assembled leaders from the tech world and the Trade in Services Agreement negotiators. IDEA's Nick Ashton-Hart co-chaired the lunch. EU WTO Ambassador Pangratis is on Fadi's right. Photo: M. Langenegger

WTO Public Forum 2013 Session on Digital Trade

IDEA's Nick Ashton-Hart with trade experts in a 2013 panel on digital trade. Photo: M. Langenegger.

Panel on the Internet as a Trade Platform

At the WSIS Forum 2013. IDEA's Nick Ashton-Hart is center frame, with H.E. Joakim Reiter, Sweden's WTO Ambassador on the left, and then ICANN Vice-President Everton Lucero of Brazil on the right. Photo: M. Langenegger.