It's Time to Talk Solutions on Mass Surveillance

We need a paradigm shift away from a world where everyone is 'fair game' for unlimited surveillance by every country except (perhaps) our own. That requires very powerful interests to give up power they have which won't happen unless they get something they need more in exchange. This is a proposal for how to make that happen.

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Co:llaboratory's Multistakeholder Internet Dialog (MIND) v7: Privacy and Internet Governance

The Co:llaboratory's publication "Multistakeholder Internet Governance (MIND) 7th edition focusses on privacy. IDEA's Nick Ashton-Hart is a respondent to Peter Schaar, Chairman of the European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection, and his proposition "The Internet and Big Data: Incompatible with Data Protection?"

Nick's response "The Internet is not incompatible with data protection, but the debate we currently have about privacy largely is" can be read by clicking the headline above. The entire MIND volume may be retrieved here in various formats.

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