"History is made by those who show up"

- Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister

Geneva is the epicentre of multilateral Internet policy development: more than 50% of all such meetings take place here.

If the Internet community isn't an active participant in these meetings, then who will speak for its future?

The Internet & Digital Ecosystem Alliance is the answer to that question.

Alongside the Internet Society and ICANN we are the Internet's full time representatives to the UN, its member states and the 26 agencies working in the world's multilateral capital, and we are the only full-time representatives for the for-profit Internet sector.

Our work is centered around three areas:

  1. Ensuring that the Internet perspective is heard by policymakers in Geneva
  2. Meeting with the Diplomatic Corps so they understand the Internet and how it works, contextualized to the policy areas they're working on.
  3. Create opportunities for our members to participate in expert meetings, report preparation, and to meet with decision-makers throughout the year.

IDEA: We Show Up